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C. Lagarde
Communication devices for disabled people
Lagarde Communication - Welcome

Welcome to, the website of Lagarde, manufacturer of communication devices for disabled people.

Lagarde is specialized in manufacturing electronic communication equipment for the deafblind, the partially sighted (visually impaired), and people with a speech disorder.

Lagarde is manufacturer of the Screen Braille Communicator, the Block Letter Communicator (both communication devices for deafblind people) and the Comm-on (communication device for partially sighted / visually impaired people with a speech disorder).

These products can be delivered in all the European countries.

The left menu displays Lagarde's communication equipment.

It is also possible to tell us your specific demands. Lagarde will consider if a solution can be found.

If you wish more information about our communication equipment or a quotation, please don't hesitate to contact Chris Lagarde.

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